Miryana Kimya is a leader that offers innovative and quality solutions in the cosmetics and personal care products industry. With our many years of experience and expert team, we develop and produce customized products for our customers' needs. Our mission is to ensure the highest standards in the beauty and care industry and to offer sustainable and environmentally friendly products.

Our values
Quality and Trust: We ensure the highest standards by applying rigorous quality control processes at every stage of our products.
Innovation: With the understanding of continuous development and innovation, we follow the latest trends and technologies in the industry.
Customer Focus: By focusing on the needs and expectations of our customers, we offer them the best solutions.
Sustainability: We develop nature-friendly products with our environmentally friendly production processes and sustainable raw materials.
Our services
Miryana Kimya provides services in various areas of the cosmetics industry with its wide product range and flexible production capacity:

Contract Manufacturing: We develop and produce customized cosmetic products for brands and businesses.
R&D and Innovation: We develop innovative formulations according to the demands of our customers.
Quality Control: We apply rigorous quality control procedures at every stage of production.
Legal Compliance: We ensure that our products comply with local and international legislation.

Why Miryana Chemistry?
As Miryana Kimya, we make a difference with the superior service quality and innovative solutions we offer to our customers. We develop environmentally friendly and sustainable products by using the latest technologies in our production processes. Customer satisfaction and trust is our top priority, and we remain loyal to these principles in all our work.