Multi emulsion technology offers innovative and effective solutions in skin care. This technology is created by combining multiple emulsion phases, thus increasing the effectiveness and performance of the products on the skin. Serums using multi-emulsion technology have many superior advantages over traditional serums.
Here are these advantages:

Superior Humidification and Moisture Retention Capacity
Deep Moisturization:

Multi emulsion serums penetrate into the deep layers of the skin and provide intense moisture. This helps the skin stay hydrated for longer.
It strengthens the skin's moisture barrier, which allows moisture to be retained on the skin for longer.

Long Term Humidity:

The different emulsion phases create a moisturizing effect on the skin that releases over time. This keeps the skin moist and fresh all day long.
Compared to traditional serums, it ensures that moisture is maintained for longer and water loss is minimized.
Advanced Active Component Distribution

Even and Effective Distribution:

Multi-emulsion serums ensure that active ingredients are distributed more evenly and effectively on the skin. This ensures that you get the same effect with every drop.
By creating a homogeneous layer on the skin, it increases the penetration rate of the ingredients into the skin.

High Bioavailability:

Multi emulsion technology ensures better absorption of active ingredients by the skin. This increases the effectiveness of the products and ensures faster results.
The ingredients reach deeper layers, providing more effective solutions to skin problems.

Enhanced Sensory Experience

Light and Comfortable Feeling:

Multi emulsion serums leave a light and silky feeling on the skin. It spreads easily on the skin, without feeling sticky or oily.
Thanks to its quickly absorbed formula, it can be easily included in your skin care routine.

Ideal Balance on the Skin:

Optimizes moisture and oil balance in the skin. This is especially ideal for combination and oily skin types.
While moisturizing the skin, it also provides a mattifying effect, which minimizes the shine problem on the skin.
Multifunctional Use

Solutions for Various Skin Problems:

Multi-emulsion serums can offer solutions to more than one skin problem at the same time. For example, it provides multiple benefits such as moisturizing, anti-aging, blemish removal and skin barrier strengthening.
The combination of different active ingredients provides comprehensive skin care with a single product.

Suitable for All Skin Types:

It can be specially formulated for sensitive, dry, oily or combination skin. It can be customized according to the skin's needs.
Hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested formulas are safe to use even for sensitive skin.
Stability and Protection

High Stability:

Multi emulsion technology increases the stability of active ingredients. This extends the shelf life of the product and preserves the effectiveness of the ingredients.
It reduces the risk of oxidation and deterioration of ingredients, which keeps the product fresh for a long time.

Protection Against Environmental Factors:

It makes the product more resistant to environmental factors. It offers protection against factors such as UV rays, heat and air pollution.
It minimizes the harmful effects of external factors by creating a protective barrier on the skin.

Multi emulsion technology opens a new era in skin care. Serums formulated with this technology offer many advantages compared to traditional serums, such as superior moisturization, active ingredient distribution, enhanced sensory experience, multifunctional use and high stability. These innovative products, which best meet the needs of the skin, will be an indispensable part of your skin care routine. As Miryana Kimya, we are here to offer the best to your skin using this advanced technology.